CTPAT Certified companies and those that are in full compliance with CTPAT are required to perform a 7-year criminal history background check on prospective employees. My clients often ask me to recommend a screening company, and I only recommend the best… APSCREEN.

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APSCREEN (The Applicant Screening Company of America, Incorporated) is the oldest, continuously operated factual employment screening company in the United States, formed in Los Angeles on January 1, 1980, and incorporated in California on July 5, 1988 by Thomas C. Lawson, CFE, CII. (Read Tom’s CV and Case Samples)

APSCREEN is the first and foremost a Factual Employment Screening firm in the form of a Consumer Reporting Agency, and always has been. We don’t skirt that issue to avoid Consumer Protection Laws, in order to sell incomplete decisional information that should be avoided in the employment setting. We helped write the rules, before there were any rules, so we live by the rules. Non-CRAs who sell incompetent (non-index date) end-user criminal data for employment decisions are dangerous to the American workplace plain and simple.

APSCREEN was in the employment screening business when there was no background check industry, in fact over a decade and a half before it became fashionable to be in the background screening business. When we started, there were two other national firms, one of which the founder died, and the other changed its business model to go database. We are not nor have we ever been, a Private Investigation firm reinvented to suggest longevity in this discipline or otherwise.

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