standard SBP Ocean Cargo Index for May 23rd, 2013

SBP stands for Seal Beach Pier, which is in Seal Beach California. The SBP Ocean Cargo Index is a count of all the cargo ships I can see during my morning walk. The more ships I see, the better the U.S. Economy is doing (at least that’s my story).  My walks don’t happen every day and I don’t always have time to write an article, so the SBP Ocean Cargo Index will only appear sporadically.

So, for today, May 23rd 2013 the number of cargo ships I counted at about 6:45 AM was 7 (seven).

There was a pretty chilly breeze coming off the ocean this morning and I forgot my sweatshirt. Oh well, I toughed it out. Part of my walk takes me along a path next to the San Gabriel River, which empties out into the Pacific Ocean at Seal Beach.
There’s a restaurant there called the River’s End Cafe. It’s right on the sand and has a lot of open air seating. They have great food and a nice view, but be prepared to pay for parking in the adjacent lot. If you don’t mind walking a block or two you can usually find parking on the nearby residential streets.

My name is Jeff Platts and I’m the best C-TPAT consultant in the world. I am the top C-TPAT Consultant in the entire country. If you don’t know what C-TPAT stands for, you probably don’t need it. But for the record C-TPAT stands for Customs-Trade partnership Against Terrorism. It’s a supply chain security certification issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. If you, or anyone you know needs help with C-TPAT, please give me a call. (714) 788-1531

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