SBP Ocean Cargo Index for May 25, 2013

SBP stands for Seal Beach Pier, which is in Seal Beach California. The SBP Ocean Cargo Index is a count of all the cargo ships I can see during my morning walk. The more ships I see, the better the U.S. Economy is doing (at least that’s my story).  My walks don’t happen every day and I don’t always have time to write an article, so the SBP Ocean Cargo Index will only appear from time to time.

So, for today, May 25th 2013 the number of cargo ships I counted at about 8:00 AM was 4 (four).

Today is Saturday, so my wife Linda joined me on my walk. It’s our regular Saturday morning routine. If we miss our walk for some reason it doesn’t quite seem like we had a real weekend.


After our walk we stopped in at Woody’s Diner for a little breakfast. Woody’s is one of our favorite places. Good food, good prices and friendly staff.

My name is Jeff Platts and I’m a C-TPAT consultant. My company, C-TPAT Security Services, is the top C-TPAT consulting firm in the United States. C-TPAT stands for Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. I have the most robust supply chain risk assessment process available. I also offer an on-line, cloud based training system. You can reach me at or (714) 788-1531.

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