SBP Ocean Cargo Index for May 27, 2013

The SBP Ocean Cargo Index for May 27th 2013 is 4 (four). This is the number of cargo ships I could see from the Seal Beach Pier that were in the LA/Long Beach port or waiting to go in.

Today is Monday (Memorial Day), so my wife Linda joined me on my walk. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky when be began, but by the time our walk was over the high clouds covered the entire sky.


Eisenhower park is on the bluff adjacent to the pier. It has several grassy areas. Sometimes craft fairs or other events are held in the park. I’ve also seen a few weddings take place under the big tree.


SBP stands for Seal Beach Pier, which is in Seal Beach California. The SBP Ocean Cargo Index is a count of all the cargo ships I can see during my morning walk. The more ships I see, the better the U.S. Economy is doing (at least that’s my story). My walks don’t happen every day and I don’t always have time to write an article, so the SBP Ocean Cargo Index will only appear from time to time.

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