standard Totally Unscientific Ocean Cargo Index

Today I’m introducing the SBP Ocean Cargo Index.

SBP stands for Seal Beach Pier, which is in Seal Beach California.  The Seal Beach pier is a very long pier where I take a walk several mornings a week. I do this for exercise and to thumb my nose at all those people who’ve told me all my life I should take a long walk on a short pier.

From the end of the pier I can see the entrance to the Port of Long Beach. I can also see some of the cargo ships in the port and those waiting to to go in.

Over that last several years I’ve started counting the ships. When the economy was really bad (not to say that it’s so great right now) I noticed that the number of ships I’d count would range from 3 or 4 up to 6 or 7. Now that the economy is a little better the number of ships seems to range from 6 or 7 to as many as 11 or 12.

So, as if you didn’t have enough useless information to sift through, here comes yet another completely unscientific index. I’ll publish the number from time to time based on how often I’m able to get my walk in. To make matters worse, my eyes aren’t so good. From time to time I may count a ship that doesn’t exist or overlook one that I can’t see. The way I see things is, if you don’t like it, nobody’s forcing you to read it.

So, for today, April 26th 2013 the number of cargo ships I counted at about 7:30 AM was 8 (eight).

By the way, my name is Jeff Platts and I’m the best darned C-TPAT consultant in the world. If you, or anyone you know needs help with C-TPAT, please give me a call. (714) 788-1531

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