Finally! After more than a dozen years CTPAT is now open to U.S. Exporters.

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CTPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) was introduced not long after the 911 terrorist attacks against the United States of America. Security officials in the US realized that cargo coming into the United States was vulnerable to potential infiltration by those seeking to harm our country. CTPAT was introduced as a way to help prevent weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and other illegal persons or contraband from being hidden in shipping containers bound for the United States.

But until recently CTPAT was only open to US Importers and other companies involved in the process of importing products into the US, such as International Freight Forwarders, Licensed US Customs Brokers, Third Party Logistics Providers (3Pls), Cross-Border Highway Carriers (truckers, trucking), Ocean Carriers, Air Carriers, Rail Carriers, US Ports and US Terminals. Manufacturers and trucking companies in Mexico & Canada are also eligible for CTPAT certification.

Since the introduction of CTPAT many other countries have developed their own supply chain security programs. US Customs has approved many of these foreign programs through what is called a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA). Once the US Government and a foreign government have signed an MRA it means that foreign companies certified in the MRA can interact with CTPAT certified companies as equals. This means the requirement to screen all business partners is made much easier.

All of the MRA programs were 2-directional programs, meaning that these supply chain security programs covered both imports and exports. But CTPAT only covered imports. So in order to bring CTPAT into uniformity with the MRA programs US Customs agreed to allow US exporters to participate in the program.

But until now, even though exporters were approved for the program, there wasn’t a mechanism in place to actually start the process. One of the very first steps of the application process is to select the “business type” from a drop-down menu on the CTPAT portal and “importer” was not a listed option. But starting May 17, 2015 (5-17-2015) the exporter option will be available.

Some of the benefits exporters will be able to take advantage of include:
· Prioritized export shipments
· Global security partnerships
· Heightened facilitation from mutually recognized customs partners
· Access to CTPAT sponsored security seminars
· Reduced examinations

The US government does not charge a fee for CTPAT membership, but the application process and implementation can be daunting.  So, if you need an experienced CTPAT consultant to assist you, please contact us right away. If you have questions, please contact us right away. We are experienced, knowledgeable and willing to share.

Please check back because we will publish more details when they become available.

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