iStock_000080740457_MediumOur expertise includes performing security risk assessments to determine weakness and vulnerabilities of plant facilities based on crime threats, terrorist activities, political instability, and economic issues, religious and ethnic violence.  A complete evaluation is performed with recommendations on how to enhance security.

Unfortunately, workplace violence has become all too common.  We provides training and protocols to assist supervisors and managers to identify potential threats in the work environment, as well as procedures and levels of violence for an active shooter situation. We offer security expertise for companies that want to enhance their security systems and/or meet US government requirement for trade compliance.

In addition,  we provide training in workplace violence, identifying local threats, investigatory expertise and analysis on geopolitical threats around the globe.

Several things differentiate us from competitors. 1) As your consultant, customer satisfaction is number one. We will provide world class service that is personalized and expedient. 2) Our pricing is fair and competitive. 3) We are  focused on your security needs.  4) We have developed the most robust security assessment  available anywhere.    6) We offer a complete documented security audit with corrective action prioritized by levels of severity.

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